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In 2006, Webnox Media built this website as a means to share valuable marketing tricks that work. Over the years, it evolved into a member website where users can share their information and tricks.

Currently, members can generate a revenue through InfoBasic by selling their tricks. Many members generate a significant monthly revenue through the sales they make. This model has encouraged members to sign up and greatly improved the quality of the trick being offered. Members use this website to sell valuable information that web users pay to access. About 40% of the tricks offered is free with the remaining 60% has a cost. Guests do not need to register to purchase a trick. Payments are made quickly and securely using PayPal, which is a very trusted and widely used payment provider.

Our revenue sharing model is simple. You, the author of the trick, set the price (between free or $99). All prices are in US Dollars. InfoBasic collects and processes all payments. Every month, we send you your earnings either through PayPal or by check as long as your balance is at least $20. InfoBasic deducts a commission from all sales equal to 10% plus $2 per sale. So, if you sell a trick for $10, your share of it is ($10 - 10% - $2) = $7.

As of March 3, 2014, we redesigned our website to be modern and responsive. It now features a clean design that works well on all platforms (desktops, notebooks, tablets, and smart phones).



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InfoBasic.com is a website that offers its members the opportunity to sell their valuable tricks to interested users.